"Yolanda Sharpe"

Encaustic Paintings
Current In the Neighborhood encaustic paintings are part of on an extended series of work (Urban Fragments, begun in 2009) that examines change when urban environments experience loss, growth, and rebirth. Many of the paintings are derived from childhood memories, and meditations of having lived in Detroit. Some of the works invoke old billboard image remnants, architectural fragments, and the way nature coexists with all of this. The paintings also convey forms and shapes that are diaphanous and luminous. Compositions combine bold linear and shape inventions, improvisations, and sometimes combinations of visual fragments. I value the flexibility and immediacy that the encaustic medium provides for me. It allows me to point to several layers of visual history through paint, crayons, and drawing remnants - all composed intuitively.

Watercolor Paintings
The watercolor paintings for Paradise Revisited were begun in the summer of 2014. New works continue to be produced from this series to this present day. Paradise Revisited celebrates refined lyricism and joy. These watercolors are imbued with depth of colors, and implied tactile surfaces. My palette promotes color relationships that are pared down to vibrant essentials. While some colors are subtle and layered, others are blunt and vivid. I work from home and studio objects, and flowers from local gardens. Forms from nature, foliage and various plant life forms, are motifs in many of the paintings. I am also interested in seeing how glass, patterns, and glazed surfaces describe space in my paintings. 

Pen & Ink Drawings
In 2016, I began drawing series, Micro World-BioLife, a body color and black and white pen and ink drawing collages. The images are inspired by microscopic plant cells. Some of these drawings have up to three layers of drawing fragments to facilitate design and abstract space within compositions.